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The MySpine Mattress

For the first time ever
, there's an affordable mattress designed to control and adjust the support your spine needs. Using our patent-pending design and process, the MySpine Mattress can be maintained and renewed to provide medically-correct support for years to come.

With over 30 years of spine research, we've identified what the spine needs for healthiest and safest support. Most NEW mattresses provide great support for the first few months, then quickly wear out within the first year, no matter what kind of foam is being used. Memory foams are found to be the worst for spine support. The MySpine Mattress uses HIGH RESILIANCE FOAM, and is designed to be the most correct and most comfortable when properly maintained.

Simple rotations of the support pads can now prolong the life of your MySpine Mattress.

Routine maintenance allows you to replace worn components at an affordable rate.

Great for Hospitality

Hospitality Mattress Management

Significantly reduce mattress expenses

Control safer & better sleep experience for guests

Improve cleanliness & reduce landfills of mattress waste

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Rotate HR Foam Weekly
Flip HR Foam Monthly
Spin HR Foam Quarterly
Replace HR Foam 2-3 years
Spin Mattress Annually
Flip Springs 2 years
Replace Topper As Needed
Dish-like depressions that form in mattresses are hazardous and result in a poor sleeping experience for guests. Because 88% of the US population struggle with recurring back and neck problems, the majority of your guests will likely have a poor experience if a mattress under-performs. Regular maintenance of your MySpine Mattress will prevent depressions, extend the lifespan of the mattress, and save you money!

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